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2023 Outdoor Rink ConteSt Submissions

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CO-OP Community Rink

The CO-OP Community Rink was built in 2020 after receiving the CO-OP Community Spaces grant. This new public facility has created a welcoming, safe

PCU Park Outdoor Rink

Porcupine Plain,
PCU Park is a beautiful space in the heart of Porcupine Plain’s downtown and, in the winter, is home to Porcupine Plain’s Outdoor Rink.

Wynyard Kinsmen Outdoor Rink- Volunteer Ryan Luciuk

This fall Ryan Luciuk walked into my office and volunteered to look after the ice on our outdoor rink. He recently moved here and

Village of Christopher Lake ODR

Christopher lake,
Our ODR is a free community hub, consistently buzzing with activity. This beautiful newly constructed arena provides a safe place for friends and family

Civic Park ODR

Kirkland Lake,
Hockey has always been huge in Kirkland Lake (although any community could argue how important hockey is to them and their town/city). The Town

Blind River ODR

Blind River,
The ODR is an amazing place where everyone can enjoy fresh air, natural ice, and exercise a stone’s throw from stunning Lake Huron. We’re

Busby Community Rink

Busby is a small community that has limited recreation. Our outdoor rink is the hub of our community in the winter. It is used

North Millbourne Community League

We have two community run rinks at NMCL, one for families and one for hockey. We are so proud of how our rinks bring

Westview Community Rink

The rink is a great place for the community to come together. Kids get together to play a scrimmage game and parents take their

Westview Park

Meadow Lake,
The Meadow Lake Arena burned down in 2021 and the importance of our outdoor ice surfaces at Westview Park has never been higher. Westview

Kinsmen Outdoor Arena

Our outdoor arena is a hub of activity during the winter months and is strictly run with volunteer power. The Rosetown Kinsmen Club worked

Patinoire de la Communauté régionale de Campbellton – Quartier d’Atholville

New Brunswick
If there is one positive thing it has allowed families to enjoy winter free of charge. One of our goals in the community is

Maki Rink ODR at Maki Park

Krystal Taylor, Tim Hewson and their team are all volunteers who have put hundreds of hours in to flood, shovel and snowblow Maki Rink

Ranchlands Community Association Outdoor Rink

The Ranchlands Community Association (RCA) is extremely lucky to have an outdoor rink located next to our community hall. The rink, built in 1992,

Clive Outdoor Rink

We love our little ODR here in Clive. There is always either children playing hockey or families just out for a skate. I know

Churchbridge SportCourt Outdoor Rink

This rink is always being used by the community. There are always kids playing hockey or figure skating. The community appreciates the Fire Dept

Devon Down Community Rink

Our outdoor rink is where the neighbourhood gathers during the winter months. Learners come to take their first strides, hockey players come to play

Castleview Park

Pincher Creek,
This outdoor skating area is operated and maintained by the Town of Pincher Creek. This year the Town was able to establish the 60’X30′

Mainway Electrical Outdoor Skating Rink

The Mainway Electrical Outdoor Skating Rink is located in the Town of Grimshaw. We are a rural town located in northern Alberta. Our outdoor

Patinoire du quartier

About 7 years ago, the neighborhood of West Street in Hearst decided that we should raise funds to purchase an outdoor rink for our

Carp ODR

This ODR is located in the beautiful village of Carp, Ontario. It is run by the Huntley Community Association and maintained by a great

Baysville Rink

Baysville, Muskoka,
This is a portion of our team from the MWHL league that is run out of Baysville, Muskoka, Ontario! We got together yesterday at

ValleyView Community Rink

Volunteer run ValleyView Community Rink is a great rink in Brandon, MB. Hockey surface with painted lines and creases! Lots of hard work goes

Wilson Arena

Durham Bridge,
New Brunswick
I started building my ODR when Covid shut down hockey abruptly in March 2020. I built my entire rink out of pallets I collected

Rocanville Borderland Co-op Outdoor Rink

The Rocanville Borderland Co-op Outdoor rink is a staple in our community. It is a very well loved and used. We have moved in

Kings Point ODR

Kings Point,
Newfoundland and Labrador
Growing up it was the place to go in the winter for a quick skate and in summer time for many games of ball

King’s Point Outdoor Rink

King’s Point,
Newfoundland and Labrador
The King’s Point Outdoor Rink is a hidden gem in our community! It is organized and run by volunteers, and taken care of by