Valstar Outdoor Ice Palace

I am nominating my husband Steve and our backyard outdoor rink in St. David’s.
Here in our neighbourhood, community is very important. Friends will drop off gently used hockey skates & equipment, knowing that when others come over, we will have enough skates to make sure everyone gets a chance to be on the ice! No matter their size or skill level!
My husband Steve spends countless hours maintaining the ice, building, designing or updating each year.
Last fall we were fortunate to add ball hockey tile to the floor, to make our rink available for our kids, friends & family throughout the whole year.
Although this year and last season were difficult years, as soon as the ice has been usable, the call goes out and kids all come to make incredible memories! Whether its hanging by the fire pit, waiting on a hotdog, warming up in The Penalty Box with hot chocolate-or just lacing up for some shinny!
Time spent on the rink with friends is never wasted!

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