ODR tradition

Celebrating our outdoor rinks (oDR) and the individuals that keep them active in our communities!

About The ODR contest

Stay tuned for more details!

We’ll be awarding three (3) community outdoor rinks (ODR) $1,000 towards their ODR operating costs for the 2023/24 season. 

You’ll have a chance to nominate your community ODR and/or ODR community volunteer(s). More details to come!

Important Dates

Submissions open

January 2023

Deadline for submissions

February 2023

Learn more about getting your community or municipality involved. Contact Laurie Langlois at LLanglois@carhahockey.ca

Special Feature

The Outdoor Hockey Club Documentary Series

This winter, take a journey to some incredible hockey spots with the ten-episode Outdoor Hockey Club documentary series. Filmmaker Randy Frykas will travel across the country to meet the people making the rinks and enjoying hockey in its purest form.
Documentary Filmmaker. Creator of the Outdoor Hockey Club

Snapshots from last year

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