Chistopher Lake ODR

My Outdoor Skating Rink (ODR) means the world to me—it’s more than just a frozen surface; it’s a symbol of a journey that started with makeshift ice on the ground and evolved into a proper, well-constructed space for our community. The dream took root during a School Community Council meeting, where six moms and a principal came together with a shared vision: to create a safe haven for our children. We dreamed of a place where they could revel in the simple joys of childhood, expend their boundless energy, and stay positively engaged.

The path to building the ODR was far from easy; it was a complex and costly endeavor. Yet, fueled by our passion and determination, it became a true labor of love. The project demanded immense effort and dedication, but we were unwavering in our commitment. What made it all possible was the incredible financial support we received from our entire community, the success of various fundraisers, and the generosity of substantial grants. These collective efforts underscored the strength of our community bonds and our shared commitment to providing a space for our children to thrive.

The journey was undoubtedly challenging, but the joy and pride that came with seeing our community come together and enjoy the rink made every obstacle worthwhile. My appreciation for the support we received and the deep sense of accomplishment speaks to the resilience and unity of our community. The ODR has transcended its role as a mere skating rink; it has become a powerful symbol of collaboration, determination, and the indomitable spirit of our community.

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