Gender Equity

Sport provides a powerful platform for change. Together let’s open up the conversation, celebrate accomplishments, and share resources so we can all make a difference.

Curious about the people and programs that are making a difference? Check out our GAME CHANGERS campaign!

One Team One Goal

Stride with us for championing women and girls in sport!

Representation matters and it’s important to have role models at all levels. By amplifying the voices of past, present and future game changers in our communities we can inspire others and make an impact!


Stay Tuned for the return of our campaign in spring 2024

GAME CHANGERS highlights the people and programs that are paving the way for advancing gender equity in recreation and sport through action and allyship. 

Take Strides to Make a Difference

Looking to make an impact in achieving gender equity but not sure where to start or go next? We prepared a list of examples to help.

Mom's Got Game

CARHA Hockey is proud to support Canada’s Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) on their ‘Mom’s Got Game’ initiative. Research shows that when mom participates in sport and physical activity, the whole family wins!

Play The Game

Programs for all levels of experience to build confidence on the ice. Grow the game with your team or community.

Remove financial barriers for girls to play hockey

Provide opportunities to young female hockey players who have a desire to play, but are unable to for financial reasons. Apply for a grant!


Keeping Girls in Sport is an online resource that helps coaches and youth activity leaders to create safe and respectful environments for female athletes, ensuring girls stay enrolled and engaged in sports and physical activity.

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