King’s Point Outdoor Rink

The King’s Point Outdoor Rink is the heart of our community during the winter months. Our students visit for physical education and during class time, and on evenings and weekends, the community gathers here for little hockey games and family skates. The rink is kept up by our town, along with the volunteer fire department […]

Old Perlican Arena

Like many in the Trinity Bay community, they’re anxious to find out when they can lace up their skates and give the new outdoor rink a whirl. Members of the Old Perlican Recreation Arena Committee will be happy to get a few weeks of skating this winter. Ultimately, they’re amazed to be so far along […]

Kings Point Outdoor Rink

It’s our beautiful outdoor rink that is up kept by volunteers. The children of the town absolutely love this rink and enjoys it. They enjoy skating and playing hockey. Every year now in March the grade 6/7 from our local school always host an outdoor hockey game one for children and one for adult. This […]

PHS Recreation Outdoor Rink

Our newly constructed rink is a hit! There is not a lot of organized sports in our small community with a less than 500 people population. We would love to win this to help keep this to help with operating costs. It is a great way to keep our community active!

Fun’n’Sun Park

Our ODR is the hub of activity in our small town. Once we get nature to cooperate, and we gets the ice down- with the help of our AMAZING volunteers who put in hours and hours and hours- all ages of our community enjoy the rink. Above the chance to just enjoy skating, there is […]

Kings Point ODR

Growing up it was the place to go in the winter for a quick skate and in summer time for many games of ball hockey and basketball. Our rink was never enclosed and in the last couple years it was redone with chain link fence but there is so much more potential for our little […]

King’s Point Outdoor Rink

The King’s Point Outdoor Rink is a hidden gem in our community! It is organized and run by volunteers, and taken care of by all who use it. We organize a Winter Classic once a Winter to bring the community together and provide a space for family and friends to gather! It is rare to […]