Waterford Youth Centre

The outdoor rink in Waterford is an integral part of our rural community. Although it is the Youth Centre, it provides a lot of value to many people. Young families come out and skate together. Teenagers play pick up hockey. Last weekend we hosted a hockey tournament on Saturday with over 36 participants and a […]

Waterford Youth Centre

The Waterford Youth Centre is an amazing place where , hockey, skating, family and community some together. This year we have a great rebirth of this community staple with new volunteers. Also our first annual hockey tournament, a community glow party and family skate which had the largest crowds ever at the rink! What we […]

Tabusintac Outdoor Rink

Located in the heart of the small rural community of Tabusintac, New Brunswick there’s an outdoor rink that has seen many skates and hockey sticks since the 1970s. Flooded and run by a committee of dedicated volunteers, on the frosty nights to bring joy to those of all ages. The Tabusintac rink wouldn’t exist without […]

Waterford youth center

We just had the most wonderful weekend of bringing the community together for the first time since covid . We raised a good amount of money but still need so much more for repairs . It’s so nice to see kids having great winter fun

Athletic Park Outdoor Rink

The Athletic Park outdoor rink is a labour of love (and TIME) for our Recreation Parks Foreman, Kirk Billings. He has more than 20 years of experience flooding and maintaining the outdoor rink which is popular with skaters and hockey players young and old. Once the rink opens, it is available 24/7 and only closes […]

Waterford Youth Centre

As a member of the Waterford community and having grown up here, our outdoor rink is a staple in our little community. For many, many decades, children and adults have looked forward to the winter season to enjoy a beautiful outdoor skate or game of hockey. Many volunteers have given their time selflessly for as […]

Waterford rink

It brings our awesome community together. This rink is also thoroughly enjoyed by people not living in Waterford. Volunteers do an amazing job.

Waterford Rink

Sharing a painting I have of the rink back in the day! This has always been the Heart and Soul of the Community. My father-in-law skated here, his five sons skated here, and granddaughters skated here and I am proud to say the great-grandchildren have skated on this rink. We are a small community and […]

Patinoire extérieur Fernand-Léger/ Fernand-Léger outdoor rink

The Fernand-Léger Outdoor Rink opened in the winter of 2001 as a result of a group of citizens who dreamed of having an outdoor skating rink in Saint-Antoine. A committee of volunteers had been formed for the maintenance of the ice surface. In 2011, a concrete slab was poured and new aluminum boards were installed. […]

Waterford Youth Centre

The Waterford rink, as it is known to locals survives from year to year based on the generous spirit of those living in a small, tightly knit community where people look out for each other. A financial boost like this would make a huge difference to this facility.