The Beaver Dam

The Beaver Dam is an outdoor rink located in the backyard of Beaver Creek Farms LTD (@beavercreekfarmsltd on Instagram 27k followers) Built by farm co-owners Andrew Doerksen and Darryl Wiebe, with help from farm employees, this rink is 120’x60′ perfect for a 3 on 3 game of hockey! The main reason this farm was built […]

Virden Outdoor Rink

My kids have enjoyed using this rink for years. It’s a great place for them to get together with friends spending time doing what they love! This community has wonderful volunteers who take great care of this facility

Assiniboia West

The Morgan site – these rinks would benefit from some extra TLC. There are holes in the boards, the back fence, the doors are wonky. The club is not for profit, and they are doing a good job for what they have. It would be amazing to give extra life to these rinks. The community […]

Assiniboia West Recreation Association

This ODR is a staple in our community! The club is Not for profit, and we really appreciate the effort they put into the rink for us to use! Anything helps to keep the ice fresh and the lights on! They have doors falling off the rinks. The money would help give the boards a […]

South Transcona Community Centre

As a member of the South Transcona community for the last 24 years, a volunteer and a board member at the South Transcona Community Centre, I feel that our ODR deserves some recognition.  We have volunteers who have given countless hours to maintain and upkeep the rink on their own time, in the worst weather […]

Tyndall Park Community Center

Our Outdoor Rink is a place of enjoyment for our Community. Its a place where friends come to meet and and stay active. We build great friendships over the years on the Outdoor Rink. Also with the amount of New Comers in our area, its been a pleasure watching them learn to skate. The whole […]

Winakwa C.C.

Here at Winakwa we provide one of the finest outdoor skating experiences in Winnipeg. Exiting the building after tying your skates is just a few steps to our winter version of field of dreams. On top of the standard two ODR’s we also have a large pleasure rink (with curling rings painted). Attached to that […]

Valley Gardens CC

The ODR at Valley Gardens is a hub of youth activity. During the day it is free for the local schools to come use with students. The school next door provides students with skating gear (skates and helmets); it is wonderful to watch many young people take their very first tentative steps onto the ice. […]