The Beaver Dam

The Beaver Dam is an outdoor rink located in the backyard of Beaver Creek Farms LTD (@beavercreekfarmsltd on Instagram 27k followers)
Built by farm co-owners Andrew Doerksen and Darryl Wiebe, with help from farm employees, this rink is 120’x60′ perfect for a 3 on 3 game of hockey!
The main reason this farm was built was so the employee families, as well as the families in the surrounding rural community, had access to ice. whether it be to learn how to skate for the first time, or have a real adult game of hockey, this ODR is perfect!

Darryl and Andrew maintain the rink, using their Grandpa’s old tractor as a zamboni to keep the ice fresh! Grandpa Ed Wiebe Started this farm back in 1968 and it means a lot to use his tractor to keep this ice going!

This ODR recently got featured on Outdoor Hockey Clubs YouTube Docu-series! which also led to it being featured on CBC National.

We love this rink and plan to have it open for our rural neighbours, employee families, and anyone else who wants to visit, for years to come!

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