Prince George Outdoor Ice Oval

Having a public outside oval is the most cool thing this winter, it’s open for all ages and you can really feel the mountain winter vibes while skating ♡

Prince George Outdoor Ice Oval

The 400m outdoor speed skating oval is a staple in the community. The oval is the only community maintained rink that is truly designated for skating only. It is open to all skaters of age and ability and also offers skate rentals. This ice surface is the only ice surface in town that is a […]

Prince George Ice Oval

This is a long track facility totally run by volunteers. Rental shop for skates. Affordable for families. With the freeze/thaw, they work hard to keep this gem open. Early morning and late nights they work so we can skate during the day! Such hard workers!!

Prince George Ice Oval

Such a great affordable activity with amazing volunteers! It’s a great place to practice for our local Iceman competition!

Dawson Creek Outdoor Oval

The Dawson Creek Outdoor Oval is a 400m Outdoor speedskating oval located in Dawson Creek and is maintained by the members of the Dawson Creek Speed Skating Club. The Oval has been a great venue for skating, spending time with friends and practicing our sport outdoors. With a small group of volunteers and a limited […]

PG Outdoor Oval

In our city we struggle every year with rain, snow, melting ice and this donation would go along way in maintaining our rink.

Prince George Oval

I would like to nominate the PG Oval (Prince George, BC) community rink volunteers for the great job they do maintaining the ice under challenging weather conditions. I am a senior who uses this rink regularly for great exercise and wellness benefits every chance she gets. I rediscovered skating recently just because of this hidden […]

Prince George Outdoor Ice Oval Society  

This amazing facility is available to members of the community and to the speed skating club. It is also used for events such as the Iceman competition. A small group of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to build and maintain the ice. The weather changes affect its operation; too cold, too mild. In the attached photo […]

Prince George Ice Oval

The Prince George Ice Oval is an iconic landmark in our city. It’s a wonderful facility where people have learnt to skate, gone on first dates or taken their athletic endeavors to the next level. Everyone that has used this facility knows how great it is and would love for the organization to win this […]

Outdoor Ice Oval (OIO) Prince George

It’s an amazing outdoor oval and we use it for everything. It let’s us speed skaters train and let’s other skaters go have fun. As it’s such a big oval (400m) it takes alot of work to get ice. The volunteers spend so much time at the oval, and we have had a very warm […]