Check Out Our Finalist: Newmarket Lions Park Community Rink

This winter, take a journey to some incredible hockey spots with the ten-episode Outdoor Hockey Club documentary series. Filmmaker Randy Frykas will travel across the country to meet the people making the rinks and enjoying hockey in its purest form.

The Newmarket Lions Community Hockey Rink was a finalist for its own episode! CARHA Hockey’s The Next Stride provided all our 2022 ODR Contest contributors with the exclusive opportunity to enter their rink to be featured on the Outdoor Hockey Club documentary series. Guest judge Randy Frykas selected three (3) finalists from all who submitted, and the grand prize winner will be determined via an online vote taking place Monday, November 7 to Thursday, November 10, 2022. Click here for the winner reveal.

Check out the Newmarket Lions Community Hockey Rink’s submission!

Rink submitted by Chris Howie
Newmarket, Ontario

I started the Newmarket Lions Park Community Hockey Rink 9 winters ago to give back to my Community and give children of all backgrounds access to a great rink.

I run the rink by age group so that young children can skate with their friends and children their age without feeling intimidated by older kids or adults flying around and taking hard shots.

I did not have access to hockey growing up; our Family was below the poverty line for several years, so hockey was out of the question…which is why I use the rink as a Community platform to raise donations for the Newmarket Food Pantry and for Belinda’s Place Women’s Shelter. I also use the rink to raise equipment donations for children to help them get into the game and stay in it.  This year I will be raising equipment donations for Hockey Equality.

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