Catching up with TomCats Women’s Hockey

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TomCats Women’s Hockey League is a recreational hockey club from St. John’s, NL. Since 2011, 100s of women have gone through the program, many experiencing hockey for the first time. They are proud to have hosted numerous hockey programs for women and girls, providing a welcoming environment for learning and growth both on and off the ice.

As this group brings so much energy to everything they do, we thought it was best to have Deb, Dena and Andrea share their stories (joined by TomKitten, Ethan).

You can connect with the TomCats Women’s Hockey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

How did TomCats Women’s Hockey League get started?

What programs have the TomCats run and supported?

Tell us about your friendship!

What can we do to help women and girls as participants and leaders in sports?

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