This ODR rink sits on what use to be a old coop gas station in Porcupine Plain, a grass area with a walkway and cement table backed with a miniature cement ODR with rink boards and net surrounding it for multi season use. Great little spot in the heart of downtown that’s lit up with […]

Rocanville Borderland Co-op Outdoor Rink

Our outdoor rink is relatively new and has definitely been well-used by the community. The outdoor rink is located in the same parking lot as our school and our indoor rink. This makes it the perfect location for students to get a skate in during their lunch break or for families to go for a […]

Village of North Portal

Our rink is important to the community. So many children use it to take their first few steps on skates to the older folks who have always loved a good skate on the outdoor rink!

North Portal Community Rink

Just the smallest little town that thrives on our outdoor community rink. This little rink gets used so much in the winter.

North Portal Community Centre Outdoor Rink

The Village of North Portal has been operating an outdoor rink for over 30 years. The rink draws visitors from the community, the surrounding RM and our neighbours across the border in Portal, North Dakota. We have skaters of all ages take advantage of the beautiful ice surface lovingly flooded by local resident, Michael Yurkowksi. […]

Gee Bee construction

For the past couple years GEE BEE CONSTRUCTION has been making a life size ODR for the Town of Kipling with lights fire pits and even Sirus radio for everyone to enjoy this ODR is very well deserving of this recognition

Marengo Outdoor Rink

The outdoor rink in Marengo is a place where friends and family gather in the cold months. A place where all the world’s problems disappear and kids can be kids and adults can be kids again!

Braydon Coburn Outdoor Rink

Our local outdoor rink is a very important staple in our small community. We unfortunately were only able to open our rink for a few weeks is year due to the weather, however the days that it was open, you would see someone out there each day as community members were excited to be able […]

Quinn Stevenson memorial rink

It’s in honor of a local teen that was lost to a drunk driving incident that was evolved in the hockey and baseball community. I’m the rink coordinator and take great pride in making it the best possible for the community kiddos