Braydon Coburn Outdoor Rink

Our local outdoor rink is a very important staple in our small community. We unfortunately were only able to open our rink for a few weeks is year due to the weather, however the days that it was open, you would see someone out there each day as community members were excited to be able […]

Quinn Stevenson memorial rink

It’s in honor of a local teen that was lost to a drunk driving incident that was evolved in the hockey and baseball community. I’m the rink coordinator and take great pride in making it the best possible for the community kiddos

Wynyard Kinsmen Outdoor Rink

Wynyard’s outdoor rink is a source of fun, activity and connection for community members of all ages every winter. You can here sticks on the ice and laughter from early morning to late at night. The rink is accessible to everyone at no cost, and with plenty of open ice time so you will often […]

PCU Park outdoor rink

Kids love the outdoor Rink. Many families take the opportunity to use the ice to teach their kids how to skate

PCU Park Outdoor Rink

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spend some quality time with your family, look no further than the PCU ODR. This outdoor rink is perfect for hockey lovers, skaters and anyone who wants to experience the beauty of winter. You can bring your hockey stick and skates to join a […]

PCU Park Outdoor Rink

PCU Park is a beautiful space in the heart of Porcupine Plain’s downtown, providing the perfect space for residents and visitors to connect. The Park is frequently host to fundraisers for community organizations, as well as to barbeques and other events sponsored by local businesses. It is a great spot to sit down for lunch […]

Lakeridge Community

The Lakeridge Community Association’s Rink Coordinator Greg Hain has maintained an incredible surface again in Crocus Park, behind St. Luke School on Emmeline Road. Thank you Greg for continuing to upgrade our rink, providing a usable, safe space for our kids to stay active and socialize. The rink is also booked repeatedly from the schools […]

Chistopher Lake ODR

My Outdoor Skating Rink (ODR) means the world to me—it’s more than just a frozen surface; it’s a symbol of a journey that started with makeshift ice on the ground and evolved into a proper, well-constructed space for our community. The dream took root during a School Community Council meeting, where six moms and a […]


Our local ODR is our everything. All my boys play hockey and love to get outside to play. So many great benefits physically, mentally and socially. We are very thankful for a the hard working volunteers that make it possible. God Bless 🙏

Dr. Scott Crescent Outdoor Rink & Warm-up Chalet

We need to specifically recognize Michael Markowski as the primary volunteer who has made the outdoor rink a possibility this season. Michael has been a regular volunteer over the years to make outdoor skating a possibility in our community, along with other volunteers. This year, however, with a combination of circumstances Michael has put in […]