Our local ODR is our everything. All my boys play hockey and love to get outside to play. So many great benefits physically, mentally and socially. We are very thankful for a the hard working volunteers that make it possible. God Bless 🙏

Dr. Scott Crescent Outdoor Rink & Warm-up Chalet

We need to specifically recognize Michael Markowski as the primary volunteer who has made the outdoor rink a possibility this season. Michael has been a regular volunteer over the years to make outdoor skating a possibility in our community, along with other volunteers. This year, however, with a combination of circumstances Michael has put in […]

Rosewood Outdoor Rink

This outdoor rink means everything to this community. This is the first full season for Rosewood ODR and we have had people out every single day skating, playing hockey, just being out at the rink! From what I have learned this year during my time running the rink is that this community breathes, bleeds, and […]

North Park Richmond Heights

So many kids in our neighbourhood have learned to skate and play hockey on this this ODR. It is busy every weekend and evening with shinny games and kids figuring things out. Bruce Koob he been an awesome rink coordinator this year. He has take the reigns from others who dedicated a lot of time […]

Victoria School Rink

The Victoria School Rink is located in the core neighbourhood of Nutana in Saskatoon. The rink provides inner-city residents, school-age children, new Canadians, and the entire Nutana community the opportunity to enjoy skating and Saskatchewan winters. The Nutana Community Association has 5 volunteers that contribute over 200 hours each winter to putting in the ice, […]

W.F. Botkin Outdoor Arena

The outdoor rink in Pense, SK is an integral part of our community. Through generous donations by local businesses and residents, we welcomed the W.F. Botkin Outdoor Arena in 2015. The rink is a symbol of the dedicated volunteers and community spirit that is abundant in Pense. Everything, from the ice surface to repairs and […]

Cathedral Bluffs Park Rink

We love going skating here, nice and close to our house and beautiful rink. So grateful to those that put many hours into its upkeep!

Vawn Community Outdoor Rink

Vawn is a hockey village. It started many years ago with the outdoor hockey rink, and continues to this day with the outdoor hockey rink. It was the birthplace of the Vawn Three Stars senior mens hockey club- that has now moved down the highway to Edam’s indoor rink. Vawn is also home to “The […]

Braydon Coburn Outdoor Rink

The outdoor rink has been a great asset to our community over the years, it has allowed many community members of all ages to enjoy the outdoors while also being active, whether they are enjoying a skate or playing some ball hockey. The outdoor rink area is utilized all year long, skating and hockey in […]

Balcarres Outdoor Rink

This year we are excited to share our first ever outdoor rink with our community! Our rink was made possible by 100% volunteer hours. Resident Craig Geisler, with permission from Town Council, constructed the Towns Outdoor Rink and continues to maintain and do all upkeep to the rink. He has provided a bench for changing […]