Midhurst ODR

Always full of kids. Very well looked after by the volunteers. My kids love it.

Midhurst Outdoor Rink

It’s such a great community rink maintained by dedicated volunteers. My young kids have loved skating there this winter, and they love watching the shinny that’s always being played too!

Hockey on Hogan

A young couple built this rink so their your kid could learn how to skate. But the older kids “adults “ love to use it too. Added red,white and blue lights because of their love for the Montreal Canadians

The McCann Rink of Dreams! 

We love our ODR! My husband works for had to have it ready to go at all times! If mother natures lets us! The memories my kids are making with their friends, will last a life time!

Katimavik ODR

I would like to nominate the Katimavik community rink (located at 64 Chimo Drive, Ottawa ON) and the Katima Rink Crew volunteer team for the CARHA Hockey outdoor rink contest! It is one of only two outdoor rinks in our community so it is very special. It includes the boarded hockey rink and a large […]

Sandy Hill Outdoor Rink

The Sandy Hill outdoor rink is a cornerstone of our community. It has been operating for at least 80 years, which is a testament to its value in our neighbourhood. The rink serves as a place to meet your neighbours and form friendships. As rink assistants, young people develop a sense of responsibility by keeping people […]

Snoopy’s Landing Outdoor Rink

With a population of under 700 residents, we are a small town in Northern Ontario that strives to keep the close-knit community feel alive! With the Winter months strong here, we are limited to what community functions/events we can have but our outdoor rink is the perfect place to beat those winter blues and spend […]

Brady’s ODR

Our son Brady is 5 years old. He loves hockey and spends every day he can out there. This is our 4th year doing this he started skating at 2 years old and that winter we lost our 2nd son Charlie. The rink was a great place for us to spend time together with Brady […]

Nairn Centre’s Outdoor Rink

Our small rural community is located in Northern Ontario and the Nairn Centre Outdoor Rink is not just a skating rink…it is so much more! It is a gathering place for families to spend quality time out-side together, it is the local hangout for the teenagers to play a fun game of pick-up. It is […]


This 50’ x 100’ ODR was built the old school way with plywood and 2 x 4’s in a backyard in Huntsville, Ontario. Complete with lighting, heated change room, safety netting and a fire pit. The rink is surrounded by mature trees creating a wonderful backdrop enhancing the outdoor skating experience. The rink is regularly […]