My backyard rink

I am nominating our backyard rink. Three seasons of the year, it is a yucky swamp. But the winter season it is mint! My husband and neighbour work so hard on maintaining it so our kids and neighbours can use it.

Valstar Outdoor Ice Palace

I am nominating my husband Steve and our backyard outdoor rink in St. David’s. Here in our neighbourhood, community is very important. Friends will drop off gently used hockey skates & equipment, knowing that when others come over, we will have enough skates to make sure everyone gets a chance to be on the ice! […]

Bill Barber Complex

The ODR is the first place my son learned to skate. He also learned to ride his bike on the ODR in the summertime. I feel public places like these in our community are very important. To its citizens. . Thank you, Callander for maintaining this wonderful space.

Bill Barber Complex

Outdoor rink in a small little town. Everybody loves it. It’s a great for the community. Used all year round!  My son plays hockey here in the winter and I play Roller Derby here in the summer.