Civic Park ODR

Hockey has always been huge in Kirkland Lake (although any community could argue how important hockey is to them and their town/city). The Town of Kirkland Lake made a beautiful ODR that is utilized more than we could ever imagine. You could drive or walk by on any given day and always see kids, families, […]

Blind River ODR

The ODR is an amazing place where everyone can enjoy fresh air, natural ice, and exercise a stone’s throw from stunning Lake Huron. We’re certainly struggling with weather this year, but this funding can assist us with being ready for 2023/24! Thank you CARHA for offering this great opportunity!

Maki Rink ODR at Maki Park

Krystal Taylor, Tim Hewson and their team are all volunteers who have put hundreds of hours in to flood, shovel and snowblow Maki Rink in Nepean, ON, for the past couple of seasons. They are in need of a new snowblower to assist with the snow removal process. The City of Ottawa provides a small […]

Devon Down Community Rink

Our outdoor rink is where the neighbourhood gathers during the winter months. Learners come to take their first strides, hockey players come to play shinny, and families come to hang out together. People stop by during their walks to chat with skaters and maintenance volunteers. Our rink brings us our community together.

Patinoire du quartier

About 7 years ago, the neighborhood of West Street in Hearst decided that we should raise funds to purchase an outdoor rink for our kids. With the support of many local businesses and private donors, we accomplish our goals in only 3 weeks. The rink is maintain by volunteers, who built the ice surface every […]

Carp ODR

This ODR is located in the beautiful village of Carp, Ontario. It is run by the Huntley Community Association and maintained by a great group of hardworking volunteers. It hosts the games as part of the West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League, an annual winter carnival, Carp fair and many other great events throughout the year.

Baysville Rink

This is a portion of our team from the MWHL league that is run out of Baysville, Muskoka, Ontario! We got together yesterday at a neighbour’s to play outdoor hockey on a beauty rink in his yard!! Now that’s Northern Hockey Life! We are sponsored by Brokerlink and our Team name is Orange Crush!!

Mom’s Night Out

Brush up your skills or let us assist you in learning more about the game! Bring your friends for a social evening on the ice.