Bruderheim Outdoor Arena

The outdoor arena in our community is a hub for our community. Evrry chance people get there is always a big pack of kids out there practicing their skills!

Busby Community Rink

Our simple outdoor ice surface is the life blood fit our small Hamlet. The rink is used by all ages to learn how to skate. Our K-6 school ensures students get a chance to skate and the rink right next to the school allows students to use it regularly. Currently the rink is just a […]

Meander River

I am a volunteer, from a small First Nation community in Northern Alberta. We are very limited to materials for an outdoor rink for our Local school and some lumber for an outdoor rink would be great for the Students and Community.

Sun Country Christian School ODR

We are a small Christian School in Bow Island AB that uses the ODR for recess for all ages during school as well as community hockey games in the evenings and on weekends. We are in need of updated lighting. Thanks for your consideration

Greenview community outdoor rink

I was involved in building the original rink about 42 years ago , it has been maintained continuously since then. we have a very large community league with a very divers population. It is used late into the evening daily in the winter.

Dybalas ODR

So many kids in our neighbourhood have learned to skate and play hockey on this this ODR. It is busy every weekend and evening with shinny games and kids figuring things out. Bruce Koob he been an awesome rink coordinator this year. He has take the reigns from others who dedicated a lot of time […]

Town of Bruderheim ODR

The Bruderheim ODR is a winter recreation opportunity for residents of Bruderheim, Strathcona and Lamont Counties. The Bruderheim ODR was built by the community through fundraising and donations of time and resources. The rink provides a winter recreation opportunity to those that are not involved in organized sport. It is a multi-generational gathering place for […]

Canyon Meadows Community Center

The entire crew of volunteers spend countless hours maintaining and operating the rinks to provide a safe and fun place for all in the community to skate and enjoy.

The Pretzel

Hinton, Alberta, is home to a magical skating experience: The Pretzel. The Pretzel is a 600-meter ice track nestled among the trees in the Hinton Campground. Each winter since 2021, Parks crews have flooded the campground network to create an enchanting track that weaves between the pines. With fire pits and picnic tables, the Pretzel […]