Wynyard Kinsmen Outdoor Rink- Volunteer Ryan Luciuk

This fall Ryan Luciuk walked into my office and volunteered to look after the ice on our outdoor rink. He recently moved here and had experience looking after the local rink in his previous community, and just wanted to share his time and expertise to better the rink. This was especially welcome this year as our public works department was short staffed and very busy with snow removal. Ryan has been keeping the ice in beautiful condition and I have received many comments from the community about how nice it is to be able to skate on clear smooth ice. The rink has been very busy and is particularly well used by newcomers to Canada including the Filipino community and many of the Ukrainian refugee families. I live down the street and I often hear laughter and the snap of hockey sticks late into the night. The Outdoor rink is so important as a accessible affordable way for our citizens to get out and make the best of a long winter. Ryan’s contribution this year has revitalized the joy of outdoor skating in Wynyard, and we are so grateful for his time and talent.

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