Wilson Arena

I started building my ODR when Covid shut down hockey abruptly in March 2020. I built my entire rink out of pallets I collected – I even cleared all the land by hand in 2020! Fast forward to this year and after investing in someone to even the surface in 2021 (2020’s rink was a disaster!), we have a pretty fantastic ODR! It’s 30’x70’ and is perfect for 3v3. We have a few regular groups that come use the rink for shinny – there’s not too much better than playing hockey under the stars! I keep making improvements every year – this year, I’m super excited about the lighted red line! Everyone says I should do a blog about my rink because it was a labour of love – basically made out of pallets and scrap wood – and not a tremendous investment. I have learned so much from trial and error.

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