William Osler Skating Rink

This small city rink was saved by concerned neighbors from destruction 30 years ago to keep it a vibrant asset for the community and became part of an Adopt a Park program the city of Winnipeg had instituted. The rink is lovingly maintained by 5-7 committed volunteers who shovel, snow-blow, flood, fix boards and nets, maintain equipment and fundraise every year to keep the rising costs in check and keep the operation running. The nearby William Osler School also uses the rink we maintain for skating clubs and gym classes and overall this little gem has become a gathering place for the community where neighbors meet each other and share community values and time together.
Being acknowledged and winning the $1000 would be a huge help to continue to manage the operations of this incredibly important feature of our little community. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.
The William Osler Icemen

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