Pacific Heights Community outdoor rink

Located in the west side of Saskatoon, this hidden gem is (1) of only a few full-size outdoor rinks in the city. It’s starting to show a bit of age as it’s pushing close to 50 years of age (unverified) but is the local go-to place for some great skating and after-school hockey. The volunteers work hard to keep the rink going, typically opening around Nov 18th thru till spring melt (March). Even when faced with 35cm of snow, a plucky snowblower and some shovels make quick work to clear the way for daily skating. We may all experience the wild swing of the great Canadian weather, but it’s no deterrent for the intrepid crew flooding with 150ft+ feet of hose and some PVC piping, getting a clean, smooth surface even a Zamboni driver would be proud of.

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