Morden Emergency Services Outdoor Rink

This outdoor rink was constructed approximately twenty years ago in the City of Morden, located in Manitoba.
The local Emergency Services Association(s) consisting of the Morden Firefighters Association and the Boundary Trails Regional Police Association, Morden Chapter, found that the community lacked an outdoor rink space suitable for hockey.

Both associations teamed up to raise funds to construct an outdoor rink complete with boards and fencing to give the residents of the City of Morden a space to come together, play hockey and stay active over the winter months.
Since its construction, the rink has seen daily winter use from residents all over the City. The “Fireman’s Rink” as locals have dubbed it, is busiest right after school as the rink is only two blocks from the middle and high schools, and weekends consist of all-day hockey games.
In addition to giving the citizens of our community a safe space to get together and play hockey, this rink has also been host to shinny hockey tournaments in supporting Christmas food drives for the local food bank. (Unfortunately, since Covid, these tournaments have not been held.)

The members of the Morden Firefighters Association continue to maintain the rink over the winter months with scraping and flooding along with general upkeep. In 2017, the members of the Firefighters Association raised funds to purchase a used Zamboni to help improve the quality of ice at this rink.

I am nominating this outdoor rink on behalf of Morden Fire & Rescue and the Morden Firefighters Association. Thank you for contacting us through Facebook and encouraging us to enter this contest.

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