Monkland & District Community Centre Outdoor Skating Rink

I am nominating Matt Shea for an individual award. Matt Shea arrived in Monkland in 2018. He wanted to move into a small town and give it the expertise of the small business owner that he was. He wanted to help the community big time. He moved here with his wife and family to settle down and make this town his home. Since he has come on board with the Monkland & District Community Centre, it has blossomed. During this time he has (without major help) made a small rink, a larger rink, and now a 66′ x 122′ rink with little cost to the Community Centre. Monkland had a small rink about 20 years before but Matt resurrected it. With Matt’s persuasion, many donations were given to us from neighbouring hardware stores, lumber companies, and community members. He is out there flooding the rink as much as he can and shoveling the snow off it–even though he has a major health condition. He has inspired many people to volunteer. Our fundraisers are now well attended and he, along with his whole family, has made a major difference in our community. We would all love him to get the acknowledgement he deserves by winning this award. The money would go towards making our rink paved so that we could use it all year long for roller blading, pickleball and the like. Please give Matt the acknowledgement that he sincerely deserves!

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