Dapp Outdoor Rink

The Dapp Outdoor Rink has been at the heart of the community for over 50 years. Built, operated and maintained by amazing community volunteers, the Dapp rink perfectly suits the slogan “build it and they will come.” Dapp may be a tiny dot on the map, but many, many big dreams have been lived out on the Dapp Outdoor Rink. Nearby Pembina North Community School is able to use the rink every day for Phys Ed, Hockey and Ringette classes. Heading out to the rink is the absolute highlight of the day for so many of the students. Faithful community volunteers keep an eye on the weather and are often seen at the rink at the crack of dawn on school days to flood or clear the rink to make sure it’s ready for the school kids. After school and on weekends the rink is always busy with locals of all ages, including local Hutterite colony families, making use of the rink for hockey, ringette or recreational skating. “Hockey Night at Dapp” is a long-standing tradition every Saturday evening in the winter, with all those who show up taking part in a fun evening of pick-up hockey. The hamlet of Dapp may be tiny but the Dapp Outdoor Rink is of huge importance to the students and families throughout the community. We hope to see it continue to be available to the local families for at least another 50 years!

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