Hockey has been super instrumental in my life, helping find my place as a woman in sport, but also giving me the skills and discipline to excel in personal/professional development through school and work. My passion is hockey, and I try to help pass that along to anyone with even the slightest interest in the sport, through playing, refereeing, and of course coaching. I have been trying to create a program and hopefully launch it within the next year. The program is based around “kids-coaching-kids”, many “kids” do not return to the sport after their U-18 year, especially females. I would like to develop a program that would help kids gain the knowledge and skills to coach younger kids, these skills would also help them in their personal lives, at school and eventually work. With launching this program, it would hopefully help keep them involved in hockey longer, and assist with the shortage of coaches.
I would use this to help further my coaching skills through coaching courses.

Thank you for your consideration!

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