The only Female Academy in the sea to sky region

My name is Evelyn and I run the Squamish Womens Hockey Academy. we are female owned and staffed. I saw a need for Female hockey development in a town where there are no female hockey teams. Girls are either quitting because they dont want to play with boys or cant afford it. I have started an academy that is giving girls of all ages an opportunity to try hockey when they would otherwise have no chance to. I’m catching older girls at an age they would be quitting things but yet they are excited to try hockey.
This money would help so much and go towards staff certification training, jerseys , equipment for the girls and extra events to light and fuel the passion for these future stars. I also want to implement the only female hockey team in town so this could help off set start up costs, ice time etc.
Let me know if you have any questions. We could use all the funding we can!

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