Robert A. Steen Community Centre, Female Empowerment in Sports

Robert A. Steen Community Centre aims to give a safe place where women feel heard, where women make their own informed choices, and where women can take part in important active roles within our community. We also strive to include boys and men to go against stereotypical norms. It’s okay to be vulnerable, to take on what is traditionally seen as a woman’s hobby or sport, and it’s okay to express themselves openly. We offer a variety of sports meeting the demands of our community during the traditional school year from September to June, shutting down for the summer to offer day camps for middle school-aged children. From cheer to hockey. There is always something provided to pique the interest in others. Many females within this community have key roles in paving the road for future females. Strong female leadership is presented in many forms, on the board, as a coach, as an athlete, or as a camp counselor. We also aim to connect to strong female leaders in our community to showcase to children that we work and that women can be leaders too.

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