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To whom it may concern,

My name is Alicia Hillier and I volunteer with the Next Shift Canada non-profit organization. At Next Shift, we are committed to assisting young athletes in hockey who are at risk and/or under privileged. We provide young athletes with gear, registration fees and or training fees at facilities. As a female hockey player myself, I know the limitations that female athletes may face on or off the ice, from playing with boys until the age of 15, to having to wear boys only gear, to having to change in my own separate changing room. It is our goal to bring equality to females and abolish the limitations. In the past, Next Shift ran a practice for new comers to Canada, consisting of high school female athletes who are new to both hockey and our beautiful country. We ran drills, played games and ensured that all participants were comfortable and more importantly, having fun. With the $1,000, Next Shift would help promote female involvement and growth within the game of Hockey. We would do so by providing female athletes with gear, ice time, pay their registration fees or pay for a hockey camp that they have always wanted to attend, in order to grow their skills and love for the game. Hockey is a sport for all genders, and it is crucial that females are acknowledged and are presented with opportunity and growth at all levels. We look forward to growing the game and promoting gender equality!

Kind regards,

Alicia Hillier and the Next Shift organization.

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