Founded in 2021, Next Shift Canada is a 100% volunteer run registered Not-for-Profit with the goal of breaking down barriers and ensuring access to equipment, training, and registration assistance for anyone wanting to play hockey. Since our inception we have helped equip over 375 players of all ages, ethnicities, and gender identities to gear up and play hockey. We truly believe hockey is for everyone! In Sept 2023 Next Shift started our 2nd Chance initiative aimed at growing the adult side of Women’s hockey. By providing free equipment, we remove a cost barrier that prevents many adult players from either starting to play for the first time or getting back into the game they love after years away. We also offer free coaching to groups looking to learn and have fun. In less than a year, we have equipped 18 players and 2 goalies and provided on ice coaching for 3 different women’s groups. While support from CARHA would go a long way to filling some of the gaps in our equipment stocks, simply having the opportunity to gain more exposure for our program through the Game Changers program is a big win for everyone! Please check us out at or