Listening Booth

Wanting to speak to as many communities directly as possible, we developed our Listening Booth!   

The 2021 Recreation Manitoba Conference provided the perfect platform for us to see if communities would be willing to participate in our Listening Booth and take the time to chat with us about their needs, wants, and challenges within their community and wow was it fantastic! 

We invited attendees of the conference to come to our booth and share with us their community stories, successes and challenges, and in turn we received much more than just information. This opportunity provided CARHA Hockey with community connection, education, potential partnership opportunities, and more.

Nationwide, the recreational world has been hit hard by COVID-19 but to see the willingness of Manitoban communities to share their stories with us has been a rewarding experience to be a part of and although we connected with many communities at the conference, we know there are many more that we could learn from that we did not get the chance to speak too.  

Through this Listening Booth came several amazing connections. Some examples below are: 

  • Minnedosa Women’s Learn to Play Program  
  • Stonewall-Rockwood Climate + Sport Initiative Event  
  • The Importance of Outdoor Rinks in Manitoba communities as well as nationwide