Leaving the game better then when I found it

As an avid hockey coach and volunteer, my goal since I was 13 years old has been to leave the game better then I found it for the future of the womens game. My goals have always been to advocate for equal ice time opportunities and to allow girls to see women playing hockey at higher levels. In 2017 I moved to North Bay, ON for university as soon as I accepted my offer I started talking to members of the local girls hockey association wanting to find ways to be involved to give young girls more female role models in the game. If I were to receive funding I would be able to better my own personal growth as a youth hockey coach. This would allow me to take more coaching courses, take the girls I coach to watch more university level hockey within our city and purchase equipment needed to help bring the teams I coach to the next level. My goal is to always be on the look out for more coach education as we need to be life long learners if we want to opportunity to grow the game and leave it in a better place for females moving forward. Being able to purchase more tools to use both on and off ice for the teams I coach would have a great benefit for all, as a university student I spent many hours finding ways to repurpose old equipment to make the training I offer my athletes better, receiving funding would ensure that not only I grow as a coach but that I am able to continue to give back.

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