From Hockey Moms in the stands to Queens on the ice

I am lucky and so very thankful to be part of a group of amazing hockey moms turned players! I help organize weekly development and scrimmages for a group of 25 ladies with a dear friend of mine, Nathalie, who spearheaded the idea of gathering together a group of moms who know each other through their kids hockey and who all wanted to learn how to play hockey. We could not find a program or league suitable to our level or needs, so we created our own. We’ve been hitting the ice on a weekly basis for 5 years in the east end of Ottawa with great coaches who’ve supported us every step of the way! Although we’ve improved quite a bit, we aren’t holding out for any professional contracts… but we all continue to look forward to our Ice Queens hockey! We are happy to continue to learn the game of hockey and have a better chance to try to keep up with our kids on the ice!

(I could not upload my photo but I’m happy to send it separately)

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