Empower Hockey – Empowering Female Athletes for a Lifetime

At Empower Hockey, we believe in the transformative power of sports, particularly hockey, to shape and empower individuals. We are a female forward skill and development company dedicated to fostering the long-term holistic development of hockey players while building strong, empowered females. With your support, we aim to revolutionize opportunities for female athletes in the lower mainland and create a lasting impact on their lives.
Our programs go beyond the confines of traditional hockey training. We guide and mentor female hockey players at every step of their journey, equipping them with essential skills both on and off the ice. By combining athletic development with personal growth, we empower these young athletes to become resilient, confident, and empowered women who excel not only in hockey but also in life.
However, we recognize that hockey presents significant barriers to entry, particularly for young female athletes. Financial constraints often restrict access to quality training and development opportunities. With the support of this grant, we aim to address this challenge head-on. We will utilize the funds to subsidize the costs associated with training, making it more accessible for aspiring female hockey players who might otherwise be unable to pursue their passion.
By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, we strive to cultivate a profound and enduring love for the game within each participant. This love will transcend the boundaries of age, inspiring these young female athletes to remain actively involved in hockey throughout their lives.
By investing in Empower Hockey, you are not only supporting the development of female athletes but also contributing to the creation of future leaders, champions, and role models.

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