Our association is focused on empowering girls and women as athletes and humans, through hockey, on ice and in our community.
We provide opportunities for our older players to volunteer and develop their confidence and leadership skills, aswell as encouraging and supporting women to step up and take on coaching rolls and leadership opportunities so our female athletes can see women in those roles, so they can see themselves in future leadership roles… If we won, we would put the $1000 towards coach development workshop/opportunity for our female coaches already in roles but also to promote these opportunities and benefits so others would be confident to become coaches as well. We also provide high quality fun grass roots programs, run by women, focused on quality instruction, to ensure the best development of our athletes. We are entering our 8th season, we have went from 3 local league teams in our first year to now approx. 20 teams including 7 rep teams (U9- SR) and 20+ U7’s, 50+ First/Shift/Fundamentals players. Ages 4-40.
Thank you for the opportunity,
Kaitlyn MacDonald
grass roots director/instructor player and coach development