Chilliwack’s Youth/Adult Female Hockey League

My daughter had been playing hockey since she was little, but the league that she was in did not allow females to continue playing after grade 7 and told us to find a different league in order to continue playing. Looking around at the options, none of them suited her as they were both too pricey and too time consuming. She was looking for an affordable, fun, once a week game. This would give her time to pursue other passions and extra curricular activities. As a mom, I decided to start an youth/adult female hockey league here in Chilliwack as none existed. I, myself, joined and played hockey for the very first time in my life and fell in love with the game at age 38. We now have two teams that play each other once a week and it is loads of fun. We try and keep it affordable, but insurance and ice time are pricy and this grant would help us keep our costs down. With this grant we would offer lower drop-in fees and hopefully be able to attract more youth and adults to the game by making it more affordable.

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