CARHA Hockey World Cup Hosting Opportunity

Put your Canadian city on the international map!

The CARHA Hockey World Cup is organized every four years in a select Canadian city, and attracts participants from all across Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. Every four years, over 140 teams from 15+ countries travel to the Host City for this week-long event. It’s built on an Olympic-themed approach in that it’s hosted every four years, and since the event’s inception, it has grown to be the largest international adult recreational hockey tournament in the world.


  • 2016 – Windsor, ON
  • 2012 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON
  • 2008 – Quebec City, QC
  • 2004 – Ottawa, ON
  • 2000 – Vancouver, BC
  • 1996 – Toronto, ON

The economic benefit to the Host City is estimated between $12 and $19.2 million. CARHA Hockey recognizes the importance of leveraging relationships with Host City partners such as arenas, hotels, conventions centres, tours/attractions, and bus transportation.

Click here learn more about the CARHA Hockey World Cup and to inquire about hosting opportunities. The bid guidelines are made available approximately three and a half years prior to the next event.