Candace Nicoll Fitness-Strength and Conditioning Training

My name is Candace and I am the owner of Candace Nicoll Fitness . I am a HUGE advocate for girls/women leading healthy lives. I think that women are often overlooked and feel overshadowed by males in sports. My goal is to create a strength and conditioning program for girls in sports to help them train in a safe space. I see the importance of girls having a space of their own to train and feel confident, safe and a place for them to focus on their goals. I hope to make a program that is affordable for all families to allow their daughters to take part in. I hope that this program helps to spread awareness of women in sports in our community/city. The benefits of sports for women is much more than just a physical aspect; its a place to escape, create new friendships, team building and great for mental health as well. By giving them a place to improve their game I hope to help them to stay in the game and compete for as long as they want to. I will be running this program out of a local community club and working with female athletes from the community/city.

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