Bambi’s Hockey

I’d like to introduce you to the Bambi’s – a group of hockey mom’s that got tired of watching and started playing. Our story is a good one, but maybe too long for this submission. The short story – we have a group of mom’s that have never played hockey, and some never even knew how to skate. We have brave women who decided that regardless of age, their time was NOW!
What started as a small grass roots group of women has turned into an unofficial two team league with expansion in the near future. We now have the Bambi’s, Thumpers and Flowers being formed. The prerequisite? No hockey training…if you have a hockey training, you either coach or play a brand new position (goalie!).
We played out first ever “league” game March 27th and filled a small arena (standing room only!).
Most of these women were not given the opportunity to play hockey when they were young and because of that they are often not the ones volunteering to be coaches or on ice helpers. We need more women in hockey, we need representation, our girls need female coaches but in order to do that we need women that can play and understand the game. We are striving to do this, to set an example that it is never too late to learn, that women belong and that we deserve time in the rink too!

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