A League Of Our Own

Last year, I started a not-for-profit spring hockey league for women aged 45 and up who did not grow up playing hockey. I was tired of getting owned by 20-something former varsity players. I found many like-minded people of a similar age and floated the idea of an older women’s league.

I called or e-mailed every rink in Toronto none was able to offer ice at a decent time for the fall/winter season. Then it dawned on me that since most leagues in the East end of Toronto play their final game in March, I could start a mini league from April to June.

I found an old run-down rink and forked over $6000 of my own money to secure the ice for Sunday afternoons. I was getting a lot of interest and I had faith that it could happen. At the same time, I was running around various women’s leagues trying to spread the word.

3 weeks after paying for the ice, I had enough players for 4 teams. The average age is 54 and we have several women in their 70s signed up for the league.

This year the league expanded to 6 teams. 90% of people who signed up last year came back and brought their friends. We play 10 games in the Spring with age-appropriate team names such as “Hot Flashes”, “Geri-Hatricks” and “Golden Girls”.
The $1000 prize would enable us to expand further, either by adding extra teams or into the regular season.

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