Meet our July Star: The Rocanville Tiger Sharks Swim Team

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The Rocanville Tiger Sharks swim team operates out of the Rocanville Aquatic Center in Saskatchewan. We caught up Rec Director Andrea Logan to learn about his new program and how they got involved in the #HockeyVacciNation campaign. Congratulations, to the Rocanville Tiger Sharks!


How did you enter to be a part of the #HockeyVacciNation campaign? 

I filled out the online entry form on the CARHA Hockey website.

View Photo Submission.

What charity/organization have you selected for your donation?

The Rocanville Tiger Sharks Swim Team.

The Rocanville Tiger Sharks Swim Team is a new swim club. Who is a part of the club and how has it benefited your community?

The Rocanville Tiger Sharks Swim Team has 24 swimmers ages 6-14.  The swim team is run by a board of 5 dedicated volunteers, 1 head coach and several lifeguards that assist with training.  The swim team provides an opportunity for youth to become stronger swimmers and be part of a team.  It is our hope that youth that participates in the swim team will develop a passion for the pool and eventually want to become lifeguards.  Swim team also generates income for our Aquatic Center which helps keep the doors open.

COVID impacted the start for the Tiger Sharks. When was the team able to start practicing and how did the club kick off its first season?

Swim team was able to start practicing in May of 2021.  There was nothing fancy to the kick off of the first season.  Swimmers were just happy to be able to get in the water and start swimming.  We were still under COVID restrictions when the season started.

How is the team doing now?

Swim team is doing well.  We had a mock swim meet to wrap up the season that was a lot of fun for the swimmers.  Hopefully next season will be able to run like a normal season with no COVID restrictions and we will be able to attend regular swim meets.  I believe we will have an increase in enrollment next year.

How will the $500 donation be used?

The $500 donation will be used to purchase equipment.  As we are a new club, we still have much to purchase.

What does it mean for you to be a finalist for the $10,000 grand prize? It is exciting to be a finalist. 

To win the $10,000 grand prize would allow the swim team to purchase starting blocks along with other equipment and help keep our registration fees low.

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