Vaccine Hunters Canada volunteers

Vaccine Hunters Canada is a community of volunteers dedicated to helping navigate the COVID vaccine rollout, understand vaccine eligibility, and connect eligible Canadians with appointment opportunities. Their motto is “neighbours helping neighbours, coast to coast”. They feel an urgent sense of duty to work together so we can all move beyond this critical moment in the Covid-19 pandemic and begin reopening our communities.

Although there’s no way to know for sure how many people Vaccine Hunters Canada has helped in the months since it was started as a grass-roots organization, over 425,000 people have followed their various social media and Discord channels to receive thousands of tips and guidance shared by the group. In addition, the group built For Your Immunization, a multilingual self-serve website that provides vaccine availability from pharmacies, pop-ups, and clinics Canada-wide, simply by entering your postal code. They’ve also built out Vaccine DIY, a comprehensive set of resources, customized for each province/Public Health Unit across Canada.

Vaccine Hunters Canada was recognized as #5 in Canada’s 50 Most Impactful Companies by Bay Street Bull. “By serving as a resource for the greater public, Vaccine Hunters is limiting vaccine wastage and ensuring more people have the opportunity to get vaccinated. It’s evident that during this uncertain time, Vaccine Hunters and their volunteers are selflessly bringing comfort to Canadians.”

The group regularly receives messages of thanks for Canadians, who are grateful to have found vaccines for themselves, their friends and their loved ones. Many of these messages have called for the group to receive the Order of Canada, a sampling of which can be found here: https://bit.ly/3yCeoUr.

The Vaccine Hunters is an independent, nonpartisan, volunteer-run community. They have no official affiliation with any level of government, public health unit or corporate entity. They do not accept donations and have no political, government or business ties.

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