TomCats Women’s Hockey

We at TomCats Women’s Hockey decided to end our season early rather than risk our team members becoming sick. We are very much looking forward to returning to regular hockey.

While waiting for the start of the new season, we decided to learn something new and purchased Snowfeet to try ski skating. It was so much fun. We all bought snowshoes and made the best of the winter. Cook ups on the trails with hot chocolate and friends was always a treat while exploring. When the snow left, we continued to hike or walk any chance we could. As soon as the summer hit we moved ourselves to the field to learn how to play softball. We felt normal again.

We enjoyed the safety of being outside while reconnecting with each other and reestablishing our solid support network. It would take more than a Pandemic to bring us down. We made the best of a not so great situation. It’s what teams do.

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