The Tumbler Ridge Public Library

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library redesigned their entire TD Summer Reading Club so that the program could be offered to children and their families from their own homes. It allowed children, parents and caregivers to interact in a fun, new and engaging way. Craft kits were delivered every Monday, containing two crafts for every day, Monday to Friday. Videos of stories being read aloud (thanks to publishers waiving their copyrights), as well as how to put together crafts, were posted daily. The response to the program was overwhelming. Over the eight weeks of programming, 5002 crafts were delivered and we saw a 20-30% increase in registered participants, from the in-person program offered in 2019. The Tumbler Ridge Public Library was also able to accommodate a small summer camp in person, with social distancing and masks, to come make crafts and listen to stories. This program provided stability to children who had been ripped away from friends, school and extended family and allowed families to engage in a positive and fun manner over the summer months.

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