Riverdale Community Centre

Riverdale Community Centre is a second home for many local families during the winter season. Between hockey, social events, and curling this community centre is the hub of recreation for Rivers and the area. The staff at RCC worked tirelessly at ensuring that COVID regulations were being followed, and the building was kept to an extremely high-quality standard of cleanliness. RCC was proud that even though the building was not able to be used for the majority of the season, the staff was able to be kept on, and they used this as an opportunity to upgrade, and maintain the facility so whenever we would be able to see faces in the building they would be (more than) ready. They also nicknamed themselves the “rec crew” and helped with other initiatives that promoted outdoor recreation within the community such as an outdoor rink at the elementary school, a skating oval, and a crokicurl rink at our park! The positivity of the staff has allowed others to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it makes us just that more excited to be able to return back to our second home!

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