My TomCats, My Lifeline

This past year has been challenging for us all. Like many, I faced a lot of dark days for various reasons. I’m a front line worker (veterinary assistant) and our clinic has not closed for one single day throughout the pandemic.
We faced lockdowns and time separated from Our families. But whenever I was at my lowest my TomCats hockey teammates were there. Whether it was on Zoom, going for a hike or playing tennis, we always made time for each other. In the winter it was no different. We managed to get back on the ice and when we we weren’t, we were out on the trails snow shoeing, and snow skating, enjoying each others company and having boil ups in the woods.

I am always grateful to have these beautiful women in my life. But this past year has given me a new appreciation for what matters. It’s not money. It’s not material things. It’s love and friendship, and shared experiences with your besties.

This is a tribute to the TomCats. You mean more to me collectively and individually than you’ll ever know. I will always carry you in my heart because that is where you live 💕🏒😍

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