Love in the time of Covid

It was early in 2021 when I took a couple of friends to Peggy’s Cove to take some photos for my hockey apparel company Nomad Hockey. We were out on the ice and it was of questionable thickness but we carried on anyway, we were just in a rock pool after all, how deep could it be? As I filmed in slow motion, my two friends jokingly embraced after a shot on an empty net and were suddenly in a fall as the ice broke beneath them. The question of depth was getting bigger as they fell deeper. Matt wrapped his arm around Brian’s neck to hold him and that action saved Brian’s from submerging under the ice. I quickly put my camera down and started pulling them out of the water, getting myself and my skates submerged in the water in the process. Matt was cold. I was cold. But Brian got the worst of it. His girlfriend was right there watching the whole thing unfold. Aside from Matt’s phone being lost about 6 feet under water, we were ok and able to laugh about it afterwards. We made use of the experience to help Brian out. Under the guise of needing to finish the photo shoot, we met up at the Halifax oval late one night after it closed. Everyone put on a Nomad hoodie and posed for photos, and then it happened. Brian dropped to one knee and much to Emma’s surprise, proposed. As a professional photographer, I was able to capture one of my favourite photos and Brian and his fiancée Emma were able to share their unique moment with their friends and family.

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