Karen and Harold Bailey

I’d like to nominate Karen and Harold Bailey for going on their 29th year of helping our less fortunate play the game of hockey. It all started back in 1993 when they started the Bruce Lee House League named after a special coach who lost his life in an unexpected accident and they wanted to carry on his name. Karen and Harold saw a special need to those children and families who couldn’t afford to play rep hockey but still wanted to play the sport.
By acquiring donations from local people and businesses they were able to provide children with the full equipment to play the game. This equipment is on a borrow and return policy for as long as needed with new equipment being donated from other organizations each year. The program runs 14 weeks and ends before the March Break at a fraction of the cost and all run by volunteers who once were in the League returning the favor.
Now still going strong with 12 teams, 6 junior and 6 senior every Thursday and Friday nights in Madoc Arena.
This goes out to you Karen and Harold Bailey

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