Heart of gold

My Daughter was very ill for over 5 years. She has suffered excruciatingly. Something happened to her brain; from non stop trauma and stress. Thank God She is alive . 🙏🏻☘️🧿🥰🥰 She is a genius wants to get a PhD in Genetics. She is a Terry Fox Humanitarian and Scholar. A Shad Alumni. Just won athlete of the year from College. For her humanitarian efforts. For 2 years, collects toys for needy Children. Buys them, even though her one life was shattered . Also financial hardships. Quickly fundraised and collected 950 dollars in Tim’s gift cards. Gave them to the homeless and listened to their stories. She herself has suffered homelessness a few times. You would never know it. Assault numerous times heartbreakingly. Poverty and abuse from a very young age, also neglect. Paid out of pocket, painted 28 paintings. For a Women’s Shelter that She lived at. All the residents were missing Tim’s. She took cartons of coffee and a ton of treats. She is trained to spot people not feeling well. She helps everyone in need. She goes above and beyond. Her tarnished heart of gold. Last year I had Cancer Surgery. She was incredible to me. Kalea helps people not to overdose, change their life. She is an unsung hero. Kalea is so deserving. Since 6 or 7: She has been compassionate. Kalea is a savant. Wants to study Cancer and Neurology. Raised 1,000 for CAMH , designed mugs for mental health. If a Mom is counting change at Tim’s; She will pay. She knows all too well

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