Athletics4Kids Cleat Drive

During the fall of 2020, Sandy Hancock (Executive Director) and Christine Dawes (volunteer) ran the amazing initiative of a cleat drive which went along with a match campaign Athletics4Kids was holding to help raise money to put kids in sports. This organization wants to ensure all BC children, regardless of socioeconomic status, can participate in organized sport by providing families with financial assistance. Cleats were donated by supporters and Sports Junkies with every $20 donation to the match campaign. This past fall, the Cleat Donation project ensured that over 900 pairs of new cleats were shared with deserving youth all over the Province, and because it was so successful, it will happen again this year in the fall. The match campaign raised almost $90,000 as well which has and will put hundreds of kids in sports!

It really had a huge impact to communities who needed it. There were donations to schools as well as individual kids. One of the teacher coaches said: “We now have over a 100 pairs of cleats to give to these wonderful kids who only want to feel like equals out on the pitch. These cleats will offer them the self-esteem and confidence to show their skills, to compete against the very best.”

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