Wallace Outdoor Rink and volunteer Tim Boyd

I would like to nominate Tim Boyd from Wallace, Nova Scotia.  Tim is a wonderful man who selflessly volunteers his time to ensure that the community of Wallace is able to enjoy the community rink each year.  The winter activities are limited in this little village so this rink is very important. Photo of Tim […]

Canyon Meadows Community Centre Rink

Provides our boys with a fun home away from home to meet up with friends – and be in the community. It’s a community rink that makes such a positive impact with so much love poured into it. We spend 4-5 hours there most days we are of work! Photo submitted by Pamela Aramburu, Canyon […]

Cordova Mines Community Rink

I would love to nominate the Cordova Mines Community Rink! We are a small town in Ontario, about an hour east of Peterborough. Every year, a small group of guys from Station 2 Havelock Belmont Methuen Fire Department, come together on cold nights to flood the community rink. The fire chief, Ray, even purchased a used […]